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This bundle includes an Organic Beard Oil, Wash and Balm.




Tiree is a refined mix of mature and masculine scents, ideal for the sophisticated gentleman. Like whisky around a bonfire, vetiver's rich and smoky notes are complemented by the earthy and intricate tones of Patchouli and Cedarwood. A hint of fresh Himalayan juniper berry adds a touch of pine to the blend. This distinctive fusion produces an alluring scent. Embrace your inner woodsman with this luxurious combination.



A burst of invigorating lemon verbena and lemongrass, reminiscent of zesty lemon sherbet with a hint of Himalayan juniper berry that adds a touch of pine to this refreshing blend. Perfect for the modern man who appreciates a clean and crisp scent that evokes memories of carefree summer days.



The scent of black pepper and cedarwood is a captivating fusion of spicy and woody notes. The initial burst of black pepper is invigorating, with its sharp, piquant aroma that awakens the spirit, reminiscent of freshly ground pepper. As the scent evolves, the woody essence of cedarwood emerges, gracefully intertwining with the pepper. The cedarwood brings depth and richness to the composition, evoking images of a cozy cabin nestled amidst a forest.



Our organic beard oils and balms are meticulously crafted in the untamed Scottish Highlands using only the finest, 100% natural ingredients. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, our premium organic beard oils and balms are specially formulated to deeply condition, nourish, detangle, and combat beardruff by reaching deep into the hair follicles.



Organic Beard Wash, Oil, and Balm bundles

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  • Discover the luxury of our new organic beard wash range, carefully crafted with exquisite scents to enhance your grooming ritual.


    **Our natural and organic beard wash is free from thickeners, fillers, and sulfates, resulting in a thinner consistency and less lather compared to typical shampoos. This is normal**


    Our organic beard wash offers a gentle, natural solution for dry sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis, beardruff, and eczema. Free from harsh chemicals, our sulphate, and paraben-free formula ensures a clean and nourishing cleanse. (SLS and SLES-free)


    Indulge in a premium grooming experience with our organic beard wash, leaving your beard feeling soft, refreshed, and rejuvenated. With premium oils for added conditioning, our wash is perfect for detangling and maintaining a healthy beard.


    For optimal results, we recommend skipping traditional conditioners and using a Hairy Highlander beard oil for longer-lasting conditioning. Our organic beard oils provide a leave-in treatment ensuring your beard stays optimally conditioned, hydrated, and healthy.

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