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Unlocking the Secrets of a Well-Groomed Beard: Should I use Beard Oil, Beard balm, or wax?

Updated: Jun 3

Beard oils, balms, butters and waxes work hand in hand to provide your beard with optimal care, delivering a powerful combination of benefits. Together, they offer deep conditioning for both your skin and hair, ensuring comprehensive nourishment. Not only do they provide essential moisture, but they also offer hold, imparting a natural shine to your beard. By utilising multiple products, you can achieve the perfect balance of conditioning.


Beard oil is a must-have for any bearded gentleman. It provides a deep conditioning treatment that not only nourishes the hair but also penetrates the skin easily. By targeting the root and dermis, beard oil encourages hair thickness and overall health. A good formula will ensure the beard is left feeling soft, manageable, and smelling fantastic. Beard oil adds a captivating shine to your beard, enhancing its visual appeal by reflecting light. This creates an illusion of a denser and more voluminous beard

Beard butter offers a deep conditioning treatment for beards that is similar to beard oil but with a thicker texture. By utilizing the benefits of plant butters over oils, beard butter provides a nourishing and hydrating experience for the beard. One of the key benefits of using beard butter is that it can be used as a leave-in overnight treatment, allowing for a more intense conditioning experience. This allows the butter to deeply penetrate the beard, providing long-lasting hydration and softness. Additionally, the thicker texture of beard butter allows for a more controlled application, ensuring that the product stays in place throughout the night. Overall, beard butter offers a unique and effective way to care for and condition your beard.


Beard balm offers a thicker consistency compared to beard butters and oils, typically achieved through the use of beeswax. In fact, the use of beeswax is normally the only difference between a balm and a butter. This texture helps to make the hair appear fuller and thicker, while also providing a stronger hold to tame unruly facial hair throughout the day. It is ideal for those looking to control the look of their beard. For best results, apply beard butters and oils first for deep conditioning, followed by beard balm to coat, style, and protect the hair.

Beard wax is a grooming superhero that offers the perfect finishing touch. Its superior hold tames unruly facial hair, allowing you to shape and style your beard and mustache effortlessly. Whether you're going for a sleek, professional look or a rugged, untamed vibe, beard wax keeps everything in place. Additionally, wax adds a touch of shine, enhancing the natural luster of your beard without appearing greasy or overdone. Beard wax is most often used to train the mustache.

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